We are family…and so are many of our subcontractors and clients.

Element Design Build is a family business; as are many of our vendors, subcontractors & artisans that we rely on to make it all happen. In fact nearly all of our restaurant and brewery clients are family run businesses, or started as one. Working with family brings an unspoken level of trust and commitment, we are indeed in this together.

We Truly Love What We Do, Maybe as Much as You Love Your Craft

We refer to ourselves as a “boutique general contracting firm” because that perfectly describes us. By design, we are a small firm of knowledgeable specialists. Our size allows us to be selective of the projects that we pursue. We have an extensive network of skilled specialists in every field and craft. Our strength lies in our ability to provide the right team for each project; our efficiencies and our methods are always in our client’s best interests.

We build a lot of very different things, but the single most important thing that we build is a lasting relationship with each client.

Call to Learn About Contracting Services Done Right

Give us a call, maybe meet up for a beer and discuss what you've got in the works and where we can help. 619.913.0317

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